Titles The Blind Eternities, Mother of the Hunt

A massive pale dragon, with shredded wings and chitinous plates cover her head and body.

Aspects Strength, The Hunt, Natural Order
Worshipers The Volsung (former), 

The blighted dragon god of the North.  Formerly worshiped by the barbarian tribes, Atraxis was a god of Strength and the Hunt.  When she was infected with the god plague though, she sought survival at any cost, and made a pact with a cold power from beyond the stars.  Now both more and less than she was before, Atraxis lives a half life, and is half mad with power.  Seeking to spread the same otherworldly influence that now flows through her veins, she corrupts everything that is near her, twisting and mutating all living things.  She justifies the creation of these dragonspawn as a form of "survival of the fittest". 

That which is weak dies, and that which is strong belongs to Atraxis.


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