Humans are a wide and varied people.  The main factions include:

The city of Ahrun, which functions as a trade hub for much of the west.  Renown for its night markets and bazaars, they rely on the moon god Saheel for annual flooding of the river, which is essential for agriculture in such an arid region.  Ahrun is one of the most diverse cities in Al'tesh - trade takes place in a myriad of languages and currencies each night, and other races are tolerated, if not always accepted.

The citizens of Leovona, which lies across the ocean. It's capital city Il'oria is under the aegis of (placeholder), a living incarnation of the law.  Il'oria has a strictly ordered society, with innumerable laws and codes designed to promote peace and equality.  Law mages act as barristers in their many courts of law, and practice as form of true name magic that specializes in binding and restricting. 

The The Volsung, a collection of barbarian tribes that lie to the north of Il'oria.  A proud and martial race, they frequently raid settlements to the south, pillaging to obtain what they cannot grow themselves on their cold and barren isles. They prize strength and the natural order above all else, and were once fervent worshipers of Atraxis, the Dragon god of the Hunt. Atraxis has since made a pact with cold powers from beyond the stars though, in a bid to ensure her continued survival.  Now half mad, Atraxis seeks to spread this same corruption to those around her.  Save for a few deranged cultist, most of the northern tribes have since denounced their faith.


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