The Volsung

A collection of Barbarian tribes to the North, the Völsung prize Strength above all else.  A strong emphasis is placed on familial ties; seen as an extended family, the clan is the main political and societal unit of everyday life. Everyone in a clan is expected to be able to fight and defend themselves, women and children included.  Very little can be grown in the frigid highlands of the Völsung homeland, and so they have traditionally relied on hunting and raiding of other coastal cities for survival.  While the tribes are prone to infighting, councils of clan leaders known as "Things"  are occasionally convened when there are matters of great importance to all the tribes.

Both detested and feared for their martial prowess,  some city states will hire Völsung warriors as mercenaries during times of need.

Völsung culture stresses might and independence, and children are trained in the ways of war from a young age.  Völsung warriors are able to enter a trance like state before a battle by controlling their breathing, granting them increased endurance and the ability to ignore injury.  Those with a deeper connection to the land are also trained as shamans, learning to take on the form and abilites of animals.  The Völsung are known to practice a particular form of divination known as "The Weirding Way".

For many centuries the Völsung have been adherents of Atraxis, Mother of the Hunt, and relied on her blessings to survive the frigid winters.  Viewing her current transformation as a perversion of the natural order though, all of the Völsung tribes have renounced their worship of her.  As such, they have had to move further south towards warmer climates, putting them into increased tension with the city states of [placeholder] bay.

The Volsung

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